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Malawi is a little developed country off the main tourist destinations in southern Africa. Apart from some larger hotels and luxury resorts, there is little tourist infrastructure. Travelling to Malawi is therefore often associated with uncertainties and uncertainties, especially for individual tourists. Without knowledge of the English language, travelling to Malawi is difficult. Travellers are recommended to avoid driving after dark, especially outside of cities, as well as driving off the main roads, as these generally entail increased risks of accidents and raids. Evening and nocturnal walks should be avoided because of the sometimes aggressive stray dogs (rabies risk!).

Malawi indulges the traveller with varied landscapes, magnificent mountain ranges such as the Mulanje with its waterfalls and crystal clear springs, unique plant diversity, its originality, its incredible biodiversity and of course the warmth and hospitality of the local population. Get in touch and learn more about the local lifestyle, everyday life and culture. Visit the museums of the great Lilongwe, Limbe and Blantyre and immerse yourself in the history of the country.

Malawi Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

Malawi – the secret in Africa. Start your Malawi tour in the capital city of Lilongwe, watch a colourful bird life in Liwonde National Park and explore the impressive Shire River with its lagoons and huge hippopotamus and crocodile populations. Travel to the eclectic Zomba Plateau with its jungle, waterfalls, mountains, rivers and wildlife. From the viewpoints “Queens View” and “Emperor’s View” you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Mulanje massif and the city of Blantyre.

The vast Lake Malawi runs from the northeast of Malawi to Mangochi in the south of the country. The shores of the lake are mostly covered by the sandy beach. The beautiful sandy beaches are ideal for water sports such as sailing, water skiing or surfing. The species richness of the fish makes the lake a paradise for divers. Beautiful beaches on the island of Likoma are also ideal for swimming. Travellers looking for a mix of cultural, colonial and natural history experiences, hiking, horse riding or sailing are all in the best of hands in Malawi.

Malawi Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

There is no functioning emergency medical service in Malawi and traffic accidents often end fatally. Motorists must always expect children, goats, cows, donkeys or monkeys to cross the road. The few tarmac roads are used almost everywhere as paths for caravans of people who use the street without sidewalk. For these reasons, therefore, drive slowly, especially in the area of ​​towns, to reduce the likelihood of a potentially fatal accident.

Public transport does not exist, but privately operated minibuses and various bus lines that offer cross-country driving. The safety standards of the buses and the driving style of the bus driver are questionable, so it always comes back to serious accidents.
Hitchhiking is not recommended. In the streets of Malawi normal, but extremely dangerous is the ride on the back of trucks or pickups. This often leads to the most serious accidents.

Even though there are no official regulations in this regard, travellers should consider local customs when choosing clothes, especially when staying in rural areas. Malawian women usually wear long skirts (“chitenje”) and tops that cover their shoulders. Short skirts or trousers are not common in rural areas and in some cases have been the cause of insults and attacks on women.

The exchange of euros in local currency should be done in Malawi only in official money bureau and banks, since all other exchange options are considered illegal and can lead to prosecution. Credit cards are generally accepted by larger hotels and travel agencies, but usually with a high premium of about 6 – 8% and due to technical problems without guarantee of success. Cash can be withdrawn at most ATMs by credit or Maestro card, but usually only in the equivalent of about 50 to 100 EUR, depending on whether the currently highest banknote (2000 MWK) is issued.

Malawi Budget Family Holiday Accommodation

Travellers are advised to carry a copy of their passport and visa or Malawian residence permit at all times. Proof of legal residence in Malawi is regularly required on road blocks built on all trunk roads. The passport itself should, if possible, be securely held in order to reduce the likelihood of loss or theft.

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